Tatahda Ferguson (Darnell Ferguson’s Ex-wife) Wiki, Age

Tatahda Ferguson

Tatahda Ferguson is the former wife of Darnell Ferguson, a famous Food Network star known as “SuperChef.” She has been in the news because of a disturbing event involving theft and domestic violence. Reports say Darnell broke into Tatahda’s house, yelled at her, punched walls, grabbed her by the neck, and choked her while threatening her life. According to Tatahda, she passed out and couldn’t breathe during the event.

There is a social media star named Tatahda Ferguson who got married to Darnell Ferguson in May 2016. They live in Alabama and have eight kids together.

Quick Info
Real Name Tatahda Ferguson.
In News Assaulted By Husband, Darnell Ferguson.
Age 30.
Birth Date May 11, 1993.
Birth Place Kentucky, America.
Lives in Louisville, Kentucky, America.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Taurus.
Ethnicities Mixed.
Follow on
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hakuna_tatata/
Love Life
Marital Status Filed For Divorce.
Estranged Husband Darnell Ferguson.
Kids Eight.
Body Measurements
Height In feet: 5′ 4″.
In meters: 1.625 m.
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.
Qualification College Gradaute.

Darnell Ferguson's Ex-wife Tatahda Ferguson

All About Darnell Ferguson’s Ex-wife Tatahda Ferguson

She was born on May 11, 1993, and is 30 years old. Tatahda Ferguson used to be married to Darnell Ferguson, who is a famous Food Network star. She is in the news right now because of a disturbing event involving trespassing and domestic violence.

There are reports that Darnell, who is also known as SuperChef, broke into Tatahda’s home in St. Matthews and choked her on the night of January 2, 2024.

Mrs. Ferguson quickly took action when she felt threatened by Darnell by making a complaint with the police, which led to Darnell’s arrest.

It was a surprise that Darnell was freed on a $10,000 bond only one day after being arrested. This made the case more complicated. We will keep a close eye on the court case and let you know about any changes. Keep an eye out for the latest news.

Darnell Ferguson in courtroom

Strangulated and Threatened to Murder

In Louisville, Kentucky, on January 2, 2024, Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson, a popular Food Network host, was charged with a number of capital crimes. The charges include breaking and entering, choking, and making terroristic threats.

Besides these felony charges, the famous cook is also facing charges of assault, menacing, criminal mischief, and theft involving a stolen credit or debit card.

Reports say Ferguson was arrested on January 2 for reportedly breaking into the home of Tatahda, his ex-wife. The situation got worse when Ferguson is said to have punched walls and choked Tatahda.

Tatahda said she passed out during the attack and woke up with her shorts taken off roughly. Ferguson said that she belonged to him, which was disturbing.

Ferguson is said to have left the scene of the crime and taken several credit cards with him. The Louisville Police Department was asked to make a comment. Ferguson told the judge that he was not guilty and was given $10,000 bail. So far, neither side has said anything about what happened.

Tatahda Ferguson wikipedia

Tatahda Ferguson Parents and Early Life

She was born on May 11, 1993, in Kentucky, USA. Brittany Ferguson is her real name. Many people don’t know much about her family history, but her fame grew along with Darnell’s TV shows.

Tatahda and Darnell are said to have married on May 22, 2016, starting their journey as husband and wife.

There are reports that they have eight kids together. There are, however, different reports that say three belong to Darnell and the other five are from Tatahda’s former relationship.

Tatahda Ferguson is a mother of eight

Tatahda was well-known to the public because she was often seen at events and on Instagram with Darnell. Despite being seen in public before, the couple hasn’t talked about the problems in their once-happy marriage because they don’t want to talk about them.

Reports say Tatahda wants to get a divorce from Darnell, but Darnell doesn’t want to go. Tatahda currently lives with her eight children in the St. Matthews neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.