Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara (2024) Japanese Series

"Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara" is a fascinating mix of love, mystery, and finding out more about yourself.

Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kuretakara

Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara is a Japanese television series that is set to be released in January 2024. The director of the drama is Hiroaki Matsuyama, while the writer is Keisuke Uyama. It will be aired on Fuji TV, with a runtime of Monday 21:00. The genre of the drama is Fantasy-Romance, and it will be in the Japanese language. Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara is a drama series that takes place in Japan.


DramaKimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara
DirectorHiroaki Matsuyama
WriterKeisuke Uyama
NetworkFuji TV
No. of Episodes
Duration54 Minutes
Release DateJanuary, 2024
RuntimeMonday 21:00

Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara (2024): Story

Ame Aihara didn’t believe in herself when she was in Nagasaki high school because of her past. Taiyo Asano and Ame Aihara were both students at the same school. He was the only one who could make her laugh. Being with him made her feel good about her life for the first time ever.

She felt something for him. Going to Tokyo to become a patissi√®re was her dream after high school, but she didn’t tell Taiyo Asano how she felt about him. She goes back to Nagasaki after 8 years. When she meets Taiyo Asano again, she is thrilled because she has never forgotten him.

Soon after, there is an accident that makes Ame Aihara very sad. A man shows up in front of her and says he is a guide from the future. He promises to do something amazing for her if she gives him her heart.

At the same time, Taiyo Asano is smart. In Nagasaki, his family has run a fireworks store for many generations. He wants to learn everything there is to know about fireworks and take over the family business from his dad. Even though he is smart and honest, he didn’t tell Ame Aihara that he liked her while they were together. He sees Ame Aihara again after 8 years, and he has never forgotten her.

Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Mei Nagano as Ame Aihara (Instagram)

Mei Nagano

Mei Nagano is a well-known Japanese actress who has been in many movies and TV shows. She started playing for the first time in 2009 and has won awards for her work. Nagano has also worked as a model, appearing in ads and fashion magazines.

#2) Yuki Yamada as Taiyo Asano (Instagram)

Yuki Yamada

Yuki Yamada is a Japanese actor born on September 18, 1990, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Since 2010, he has been a part of Watanabe Entertainment’s male playing group D-Boys. His acting debut was in the 2011 show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Yamada has been in a number of well-known movies, such as High & Low (2015), Strobe Edge (2015), and Tokyo Revengers (2021).

He has also worked on other projects, like Kamen Rider Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012) and Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (2011). Yamada is 177 cm tall and is known for his parts in Japanese movies and TV shows.

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Reasons to Watch the TV Series “Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara” (2024):

  • Warming Love Story: The plot is centered on the relationship between Ame Aihara and Taiyo Asano, two people who had a unique bond in high school. When they meet again after eight years, it will be a sweet and romantic romance.
  • Interesting Characters: Mei Nagano plays the character Ame Aihara, who gets over her past and works hard to become a patissi√®re, which is her dream job. In the show, Yuki Yamada plays Taiyo Asano, a smart and honest person who loves fireworks. The relationship between these people gives the story more depth and makes it more interesting.
  • Self-Discovery and Second Chances: The show is about finding out about yourself, growing as a person, and going after your dreams. The stories of Ame’s search for herself and Taiyo’s chase of his love of fireworks are both relatable and inspiring.
  • Mystery and Supernatural Elements: Adding a mysterious guide from the afterlife makes the story more interesting by adding a supernatural factor. This part offers twists and turns that people won’t see coming, keeping them interested in the outcome.
  • Beautiful Setting: The show takes place in Nagasaki, Japan, and shows off the city’s beautiful scenery and rich culture history. The fireworks and patisserie in the background make it more interesting to look at and improve the watching experience as a whole.
  • Talented Cast: Ame Aihara and Taiyo Asano are brought to life by Mei Nagano and Yuki Yamada, who are both known for their great playing skills. The emotional depth of the show comes from their relationship and performances.
  • Positive and Inspirational Message: What “Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara” is about is hope, second chances, and the strength of love. The show’s goal is to encourage people to follow their dreams, deal with problems, and value the relationships that make their lives unique.

Overall, “Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara” is a fascinating mix of love, mystery, and finding out more about yourself. It has a great cast and a beautiful setting. It looks like this show will move people’s hearts and give them ideas.