Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024) Japanese Drama

The show is about going back in time and meeting and dealing with characters from different times.

Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru (2024)

“Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru” is a Japanese drama directed by Fuminori Kaneko and written by Kankuro Kudo. It’s set to air on the TBS network in January 2024, every Friday from 22:00 to 22:54. The show, a blend of comedy and time travel, is set in Japan and is in Japanese. It’s expected to captivate global audiences with its universal themes and cultural insights.


DramaFutekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru
DirectorFuminori Kaneko
WriterKankuro Kudo
No. of Episodes
Duration50 – 60 Minutes
Release DateJan, 2024
GenreComedy, Fantasy
RuntimeFriday from 22:00 to 22:54

Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024): Story

Ichiro Ogawa is a middle-aged man in 1986. He is both a PE teacher and the baseball coach at his middle school. People call him the “Ogawa of Hell” because he swears a lot and does bad things over and over again. But at home, he is a single dad because his wife died of a disease and he has to raise his daughter by himself.

He’s just a normal dad who worried about his daughter being bad. Ichiro Ogawa goes back in time to the year 2024 in some way. There, he meets many people, including Nagisa Inushima, a single mother who works at a radio station.

At the same time, in 2024, Sakae Sakisaka works as a researcher. She is a feminist leader and is often in the news to talk about gender inequality and other problems that affect women. She and her son end up going back in time to 1986.

Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

Sadao Abe as Ogawa Ichiro (Instagram)

Sadao Abe

Oda Nobunaga, whose real name is Abe Takashi, was born on April 23, 1970, is a famous Japanese actor, stage actor, and singer from Matsudo. He is recognized for his performances in various roles, with notable work in the film “Maiko haaaan!!!” As an actor, he has made a lot of important contributions to Japanese film.

Supporting Characters:

  • Naka Riisa as Inushima Nagisa
  • Yoshida Yoh as Sakisaka Sakae
  • Isomura Hayato as Akitsu Mutsumi
  • Kawai Yuumi as Ogawa Junko
  • Sakamoto Manato as Sakisaka Kiyoshi

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Here are some reasons why you might consider watching the TV series “Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024)”:

  • Unique Time Travel Storyline: The show is about going back in time and meeting and dealing with characters from different times. This makes the story more interesting and gives the characters chances to grow and change in interesting ways.
  • Exploration of Family Dynamics: Stories like this one show how complicated family bonds can be, especially when it comes to single parents. Both of the main characters, Ichiro Ogawa and Nagisa Inushima, have to take care of their kids by themselves. This part of the show can make it easy to relate and feel things.
  • Social Commentary: A sociologist and feminist activist named Sakae Sakisaka adds a social criticism element to the show. The show talks about important societal problems by having her interact with other people and talk about gender discrimination and other issues that affect women.
  • Character Growth and Development: Every time the figures from different times meet, they can learn from each other and become better people. This can make for interesting character arcs and changes in the characters over the course of the series.
  • Diverse Cast: The characters in the show are very different from one another, each with their own past and point of view. This variety gives the stories more depth and lets different topics and experiences be explored.
  • Blend of Drama and Comedy: “Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024)” has both dramatic and comedic parts, making it a well-rounded and interesting show to watch. The show deals with important issues but also has funny and lighthearted moments.
  • Strong Performances: The TV show has great actors who bring their roles to life with powerful performances. The way they are portrayed gives the story more depth and realism, which makes it more interesting for readers.

Remember that these points are based on what we know about the TV show “Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! (2024)”. Have fun watching!