Alice in Wonderful Kitchen (2024) Japanese TV Series

Alice Yaemori, the main character, has autism spectrum disorder, which gives the story a new point of view and lets themes of speech and understanding be explored.

Alice in Wonderful Kitchen (2023)

Alice in Wonderful Kitchen, also known as Chuubou no Alice in Romaji and 厨房のありす in Japanese, is a television series directed by Noriyoshi Sakuma and Yuma Suzuki. The show is written by Shinya Tamada and is set to be aired on NTV. The release date for Alice in Wonderful Kitchen is scheduled for January 2024, with a runtime of Sundays at 22:30. The series is in Japanese language and is produced in Japan.


DramaAlice in Wonderful Kitchen
DirectorNoriyoshi Sakuma, Yuma Suzuki
WriterShinya Tamada
No. of Episodes
Duration50 – 60 Min. (Expected)
Release DateJanuary, 2024
GenreCooking, Comedy
RuntimeSunday 22:30

Alice in Wonderful Kitchen (2024): Story

The little restaurant called Alice’s Kitchen is run by Alice Yaemori (Mugi Kadowaki). She has autism spectrum disorder, which leads her to be stubborn at times and generally poor at communicating with other people. Because of her situation, she also has a great memory. Because her single father, Shingo Yaemori (Nao Omori), teaches chemistry at a college, she became interested in it.

She knows a lot about chemistry, so she looks at nutrients and food from a scientific point of view. Her cooking is amazing, and her food always tastes great. At her restaurant, she works with her childhood friend Kazusa Mitsumata.

They are the only two people who work at the restaurant, even though it’s very famous. Maggie Yaemori is in charge of cooking in the kitchen, and Kazusa Mitsumata is in charge of meeting customers and serving them food.

A young guy named Kosei Sakae (Ren Nagase) shows up at the restaurant one day and asks to work there part-time while living there. Things have changed a lot in Alice Yaemori’s life since then.

Alice in Wonderful Kitchen (2024): Cast

1) Mugi Kadowaki as Alice Yaemori

Mugi Kadowaki

Mugi Kadowaki is a Japanese actress known for her work in television and film. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on August 10, 1992. The movies “The Dry Spell,” “Three Sisters of Tenmasou,” and “Your Turn to Kill” are some of her most well-known works. In addition, she has been in TV shows like “Misaki Number One!!

In addition to acting, Mugi Kadowaki has done speech work and worked on a number of different projects. People have noticed how versatile she is as an actress and how ready she is to try new things.

2) Ren Nagase as Kosei Sakae

Ren Nagase

Ren Nagase is a star, singer, and actor from Japan. He is famous for being in the Johnny & Associates-managed Japanese singing group King & Prince. Johnny & Associates hired Ren Nagase in 2011 and he began working as Kansai Johnny’s Jr. He has worked on many projects and groups in the entertainment business, such as Naniwa Ouji and Mr. King vs. Mr. Prince.

The group changed its name to King & Prince in 2018 and got their start as a group. Ren Nagase has also done voice work. For example, he did Sonya’s voice in the movie “Eiga Doraemon Nobita to Sora no Utopia” (Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Sky Utopia).

3) Nao Omori as Shingo Yaemori

Nao Omori

Nao Omori is a Japanese actor who was born in Tokyo on February 19, 1972. His name is also written as Nao Ohmori or Nao Mori. He is known for his parts in movies like “The Outsider” (2018) and “Ichi the Killer” (2001).

Nao Omori has also done voice work, such as for the video game “Yakuza 6″‘s Tsuneo Iwami. He is known for his acting, and he has worked with well-known directors like Takashi Miike. Movies like “Demonlover,” “From Up on Poppy Hill,” and “First Love” are directed by Nao Omori.

Why I Watch This TV Show?

Here are some reasons why you might consider watching the TV series “Alice in Wonderful Kitchen”:

  • Unique Protagonist:  Alice Yaemori, the main character, has autism spectrum disorder, which gives the story a new point of view and lets themes of speech and understanding be explored.
  • Fantastic Memory: Alice’s condition gives her a fantastic memory, which helps her cook and adds an interesting twist to the story.
  • A Scientific Method to Cooking: Alice’s father sparked her interest in chemistry, which gives her a scientific view on food and the cooking process. This gives her character more depth and gives the food part of the story a new twist.
  • Extraordinary Cooking Skills: Alice is very good at cooking, and her food always makes people happy. In this part of the story, the attention is on cooking and the pictures will make your mouth water.
  • Cowork and Friendship: Alice works at the diner with her childhood friend Kazusa Mitsumata. The series explores their relationship and how they work together, showing how important it is to be friends and work together.
  • Introduction of a New Character: Kosei Sakae, a young guy who wants to work at the restaurant, comes along and changes Alice’s life in a big way. This adds new variables and the chance for character growth.
  • Engaging Storyline: Alice’s trip, her problems, and her growth are at the center of the story. It lets you dig deeper into themes like growing as a person, relationships, and getting past problems.

These reasons, combined with the unique premise and the talented cast, make “Alice in Wonderful Kitchen” a TV series worth considering for its intriguing storyline and character-driven narrative.