'Welcome to Samdali' First Episode Viewership Rating: 5.2%

Dashed Trail

The first episode recreated the nostalgic era of 1994.

Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun delivered impressive acting performances.

Terrain Map

Samdal's career soared while her dating life took a downward turn.

Samdal's first assistant turned out to be her boyfriend's lover.

Samdal returned to her hometown in Jeju and reconnected with her friend Yongpil.

The local people in Samdal-ri showed love and support for Samdal.

Exciting possibilities await Samdal and Yongpil's relationship.

Samdal's journey to regain her strength holds promise for the show.

Dashed Trail

'Welcome to Samdali'

1st Episode