‘Sweet Home 2’ Song Kang: I’m Sorry About Missing a Lot of Content?

‘Sweet Home 2’ Song Kang, “I’m sorry about missing a lot of content? I guess the writer had intention… I’m not looking for the reactions of those around me”

‘Sweet Home 2’ Song Kang I'm Sorry About Missing a Lot of Content

Popular actor Song Kang recently opened up about his thoughts on the differences in content between Season 1 and Season 2 of the popular Netflix series Sweet Home 2‘. Song Kang told Ten Asia some interesting things about the show while they were meeting at a bar in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, on the 5th of December 2023.

The premiere of “Sweet Home 2” on January 1st 2023 took fans on an exciting trip into a world where desires turn into scary monsters. The story is about Hyun-soo (Song Kang), the main character, and other Green Home survivors as they try to stay alive in a new world full of strange things and tough situations. At first, Hyun-soo seems like the only person who can save the people from the monster change, but a series of events leaves him all by himself.

Song Kang talked about how he approached Season 2: “Since it was a continuation of Season 1, I carried over the emotions from Season 1 and focused on areas that needed more work.” He stressed how important facial movements were by saying, “In Season 1, I showed how I felt in a childlike way.” But in Season 2, I wanted to show that the characters had grown up and that they could deal with loneliness without depending only on their feelings.

Song Kang said, “I didn’t actively seek feedback” when asked about how people around him felt after Season 2 came out. None of my friends talked about it with me. It’s possible that they’d rather not talk about it. “We have a group chat from high school, but we don’t really talk about it,” he said with a laugh. All of us in our 30s have our own lives and things we like to do.

Before shooting Season 2, Song Kang watched Season 1 again and noticed how much his appearance had changed. He remarked, “My face looked much younger back then. It brought back a lot of memories instead of regrets or unhappiness when I watched it again.

Fans were upset that Song Kang wasn’t in as many episodes of Season 2 as he was in Season 1. He explained his point of view by saying, “I think it’s because Season 2 has fewer episodes than Season 1. However, I think the writer’s intention was clear. Season 2 is a building block for Season 3.