RIIZE Wins ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the 2023 Melon Music Awards (MMA 2023)

The highly anticipated '2023 Melon Music Awards' took place at the Inspire Arena in Incheon, South Korea.

RIIZE Wins 'Rookie of the Year' at the 2023 Melon Music Awards (MMA 2023)

(MHN Sports Reporter Jeong Seung-min) RIIZE, a rising music group, made history by winning the prestigious ‘Rookie of the Year‘ award at the ‘2023 Melon Music Awards’ (MMA 2023).

The highly anticipated ‘2023 Melon Music Awards’ took place at the Inspire Arena in Incheon, South Korea, which is known as the country’s first K-pop specialized arena.

During the event, two talented groups, Zero Base One and RIIZE, were both crowned as the ‘Rookie of the Year‘ winners. The award was determined based on a combination of factors, including 60% from the group’s music popularity, 20% from expert judgment, and 20% from fan voting.

RIIZE, consisting of members Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, and Anton, expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their dedicated fan base, known as Breeze. They acknowledged the support and guidance provided by their team and promised to deliver outstanding performances in the future.

They aspire to live up to their name, constantly growing and helping their fans achieve their dreams. The group considers this award a special achievement, motivating them to work even harder and present better stages and songs. Additionally, they expressed their gratitude towards their families for their unwavering support.

The ‘2023 Melon Music Awards’ featured captivating performances by several renowned artists, including NCT DREAM, BOYNEXTDOOR, aespa, Youngji Lee, IVE, ZEROBASEONE, STAYC, KISS OF LIFE, imase, SHINee, and Silica Gel. The stage witnessed a celebration of music and talent, leaving the audience in awe.