“Noryang: Sea of Death” Collaborates with EBS to Unveil Historical Insights

Noryang: Sea of Death" Collaborates with EBS "Knowledge Channel e" to Unveil Historical Insights

Noryang Sea of Death Collaborates with EBS to Unveil Historical Insights
Source: entertain.naver.com & IMDb

Get ready for a special broadcast that will take you on a journey through the historical background of the movie ‘Noryang: Sea of Death‘ before its release!

Before it comes out in theaters on December 20, “Noryang: Sea of Death” is working with the famous EBS show “Knowledge Channel e” on a special project. The goal of this partnership is to help moviegoers learn more about the historical background of the film.

There will be two parts to the show: Part 1 is called “Why did the Japanese invade Korea?” and Part 2 is called “What was Joseon doing?” Next, Part 2 will air at 12:55 a.m. on December 7. Part 1 will air at 12:55 a.m. on December 6. Don’t worry if you miss the live shows! You can catch them later on the Knowledge Channel e website, YouTube, as well as Lotte Entertainment and Ace Maker’s official social media accounts and YouTube channel.

You’ll learn about the historical events that led to Japan’s invasion of Korea and get a sneak peek at the three main fights of Hansan, Myeongryang, and Noryang during this special broadcast.

We’ll also talk about the wars between the Japanese and Ming Dynasties, which had a direct effect on the movie “Noryang: Sea of Death.” We’ll also talk about the political background and growth of the war in Joseon, and we’ll talk about what the Battle of Noryang meant. This show is great for history buffs of all ages because it has useful information for both young and old.

Let’s talk about the show now. An epic war action movie called “Noryang: Sea of Death” shows Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s last fight to wipe out the Japanese army as they try to escape from Joseon. This movie takes place seven years after the Japanese invasion of Korea and is the exciting end to the Yi Sun-sin trilogy project, which was a first in Korean film. Prepare to see the ultimate fight on the big screen!