Mnet Launches Vocal Survival Show With MC Lee Da Hee + Members OfAB6IX, PENTAGON, & CIX

Mnet Launches Vocal Survival Show With MC Lee Da Hee + Members OfAB6IX, PENTAGON, & CIX

This morning, Mnet made an exciting news about their new show, “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor.” This highly anticipated show, which is about to start, aims to make the best vocal boy group by combining talented people with amazing singing skills, no matter what genre they like.

This project, called “Build Up” to represent the path to perfection, claims to show off the best vocalists. Mnet is determined to put together a group whose amazing singing skills will capture audiences.

The network also announced that Lee Da Hee will be the show’s host, which made people even more excited. Lee Da Hee is no newcomer to the world of competitive entertainment. He has been the host of hit shows like “Queendom” in 2019 and “Road to Kingdom” in 2022.

That PENTAGON’s Yeo One, who was on “Road to Kingdom,” will be one of the stars of this exciting show was told in an exclusive report by STARNEWS.

The news story also said that there will be about 40 contestants, such as stars, solo artists, models, and trainees, trying to be a part of the vocal boy group.

In addition to Yeo One, members from popular groups such as WEi, BDC, VANNER, UP10TION, JUST B, KNK, AB6IX, CIX, ONE PACT, Newkidd, and A.C.E. are reported to be competing on the show. The battle will surely be fierce as these talented individuals showcase their skills and vie for a coveted spot in the ultimate vocal boy group.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mnet’s exciting new survival show, “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor!” The journey is sure to be exciting, with lots of amazing talent and tough competition.