“Maestra: Strings of Truth” tvN Drama Ep.1 Trailer

"Maestra: Strings of Truth" will air for the first time in South Korea on December 9, 2023.

Maestra Strings of Truth ep 1 trailer

A trailer for the first episode of the TVN drama series “Maestra: Strings of Truth” with Lee Young-Ae, Lee Mu-Saeng, and Hwang Boreumbyeol has been added. The video has narration that goes:

  • 0:01 – Female voice: “There’s less than 5% of the female conductors and Cha Se-Eum is a top-notch conductor among men and women conductors.”
  • 0:05 – Male voice: “The new music director and permanent conductor of the Hangang Pil Orchestra.”
  • 0:09 – Lee Young-Ae: “This is Cha Se-Eum.”
  • 0:10 – Male voice: “Did you meet Cha Se-Eum?”
  • 0:12 – Lee Mu-Saeng: “Now I am going to meet her.”
  • 0:14 – Male voice: “Here, there is not the place for Maestra Cha.”
  • 0:16 – Lee Young-Ae: “I’m going to keep pushing you. I’m going to make Hangang Pil Orchestra the best. If not, I will resign. If you want to fight with me, then do it with music.”

Maestra: Strings of Truth will air for the first time in South Korea on December 9, 2023.

Plot Synopsis by Dramaio: Cha Se-Eum (Lee Young-Ae) used to play the violin, but now she leads an orchestra. She has worked hard at her job with courage and enthusiasm. She is now in a place where other people are jealous. People around Cha Se-Eum don’t know that she has a secret. Her life will change because of that lie.

At the same time, strange things are happening in her orchestra. When Cha Se-Eum looks into the cases, she gets closer to the truth about her.