Living no Matsunaga-san (2024) Japanese Series

"Living no Matsunaga-san" is set in Japan, providing viewers with a glimpse into Japanese culture, customs, and interpersonal dynamics.

Living no Matsunaga-san (2024)

“Living no Matsunaga-san” is a Japanese drama series that is set to be released in January 2024. The show is directed by Junichi Kanai, Ken Higurashi, and Takashi Matsukawa, with Keiko Iwashita adapting the manga as the writer. It will be aired on Fuji TV, with a runtime of 23:00 on Tuesdays.

The drama falls under the genre of romantic-comedy and will be presented in the Japanese language. “Living no Matsunaga san” is a production from Japan, showcasing the unique storytelling and cultural elements of the country.


DramaLiving no Matsunaga-san (2024)
DirectorJunichi Kanai, Ken Higurashi, Takashi Matsukawa
WriterKeiko Iwashita (manga), Shigenori Tanabe
NetworkFuji TV
No. of Episodes
Duration50 – 60 Minutes
Release DateJanuary, 2024
RuntimeTuesday 23:00

Living no Matsunaga-san (2024): Story

Teenager Miko Sonoda has to live at her uncle’s boarding house because of her family situation. Unfortunately, Miko already has a bad sign before she gets there: she thinks someone is following her while she’s trying to find the place! When her uncle comes to help her, the person she thought was stalking her turns out to be one of his renters. This made Miko feel bad on her first day.

Miko finds out that she will be living with five different people, one of whom is the accused man. It turns out that his name is Jun Matsunaga and that he is a 27-year-old designer who gets angry quickly. Miko thinks that her life will only be bad from now on because she made such a bad first impression. But after being around Jun, she realizes that living with adults isn’t so bad after all, and there might even be room for love.

Living no Matsunaga-san (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

Kento Nakajima as Jun Matsunaga (Instagram)

Kento Nakajima

Kento Nakajima is a Japanese singer, actor, and entertainer. He was born in Tokyo, Japan, on March 13, 1994. Nakajima is famous for his roles in many movies and TV shows, such as “Silver Spoon” and “Kazoku no uta.” Plus, he’s in the pop group Sexy Zone and signed with Johnny’s talent team.

Nakajima is known for having a good attitude, being polite, and acting like a gentleman. His acting skills allow him to play both serious and funny parts. In addition to being an actor, Nakajima also works in music and has shown off his singing skills. He’s become well-known in Japan and around the world, with fans loving his shows and wide range of skills.

Hikaru Takahashi as Miko Sonod (Instagram)

Hikaru Takahashi

Hikaru Takahashi is a Japanese actress and model, born on September 22, 2001. She works with Oscar Promotion and has been in a number of performing projects. This person has the same name as another person, including a college student and a tennis player from Japan, but not much is known about them.

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Reasons to watch the TV series “Living no Matsunaga-san (2024)”:

  • Unique Premise: The story is about Miko Sonoda, a high school student who has to live in her uncle’s boarding house with five strange adults, one of whom is Jun Matsunaga, a 27-year-old artist with a short fuse.
  • Humorous Situations: Miko’s awkward first meeting with Jun sets the tone for many funny moments throughout the show, making it a pleasure for romantic comedy fans to watch.
  • Character Development: Miko learns important things about being an adult and relationships as she gets used to her new living situation. The story gives us a chance to see her grow up and become an adult.
  • Romantic Potential: Jun’s presence hints at the chance of a romantic plot, which makes the series more exciting and opens the door to romance.
  • Cultural Exploration: “Living no Matsunaga-san” is set in Japan, providing viewers with a glimpse into Japanese culture, customs, and interpersonal dynamics.