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Discover the fascinating career of German actress Jeanne Goursaud. From theater plays to TV shows and movies, explore her rise to fame and captivating performances.

Jeanne Goursaud Bio

Jeanne Goursaud is a German-French actor who has been in a number of movies and TV shows. She was born on April 4, 1996, in Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Her father is French and her mother is German. Goursaud became famous all over the world for her part as Thusnelda in the Netflix show “Barbarians” (2020) and in the Paramount+ show “The Chemistry of Death” (2023).

Goursaud started working in show business in 2012 and has since been in a number of TV shows and movies. Some of her notable works include “The Magic Flute” (2022) and “Para – We Are King” (2021).

Jeanne Goursaud


Birth NameJeanne Goursaud
BirthdayApril 4, 1996
Birth PlacePinneberg, Germany
ProfessionActress, TV Personality,
Model, Content Creator,
Social Media Influencer, & Entrepreneur.
Famous ForBarbarians: Netflix
Blood Coast/ PAX: Netflix
Martial StatusUn-Married
Height5 Foot 6 Inch
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Net Worth$1.5 Million (Approx.)
Zodiac SignAries

Jeanne Goursaud Career:

Jeanne Goursaud is a German actor who has done well in both movies and TV shows. Some of the movies and TV shows that made her famous were “Barbarians” (2020), “The Magic Flute” (2022), and “Para ‚Äď We Are King” (2021).

The first thing that got her started in the entertainment business was her role as Paula Bertram on the TV show “Neues aus B√ľttenwarder” in 2012. Along with Lisa Krohn, she has played the part of Lisa on the TV show “In Truth” since 2017.

Her birthday is April 4, 1996, and she was born in Berlin, Germany. The part she played as Thusnelda in the TV show “Barbarians” made her famous. Besides being an actress, she is also busy on Instagram, where she goes by the name @jeannegoursaud.

Jeanne Goursaud TV Series & Movies List:

2023Blood Coast/ PAX (Netflix)Alice Vidal
2020Barbarians (Netflix)Thusnelda
2022The Magic Flute
2023Para ‚Äď We Are King
2012Neues aus B√ľttenwarderPaula Bertram
2017-presentIn TruthLisa / Lisa Krohn

Other TV Show & Movies “Jeanne Goursaud” has been in her life career:

  • In Your Dreams.
  • Alles was z√§hlt.
  • Die Mutter des M√∂rders.
  • In Wahrheit: Mord am Engelsgraben.
  • Erwartungen.
  • Blockbustaz.
  • Der Schweinehirt.
  • In Wahrheit: Jette ist tot.
  • Wishlist.
  • Herzkino.M√§rchen.
  • SOKO Wismar.
  • Der Lehrer.
  • Hubert ohne Staller.
  • In Wahrheit: Unter Wasser.

Jeanne Goursaud Interesting Facts:

Here are some of the most interesting facts about German actress Jeanne Goursaud based on the given content:

  • After finishing her acting school, Jeanne Goursaud started working as an actress. At first, she did roles in plays.
  • An important part she played in the German movie “15:17 to Paris” brought her fame.
  • “Dieter Not Unhappy,” “In Your Dreams,” “Gro√üstadtrevier,” and “Zaun” are just a few of the TV shows and movies that include Jeanne Goursaud.
  • Her role as Thusnelda in the Netflix original series “Barbarians” made her famous.
  • The figure of Thusnelda in “Barbarians” is based on a real Germanic noblewoman who was captured by a Roman general when the Romans invaded Germany.
  • It is said that Jeanne Goursaud is worth about $1.5 million USD.
  • Her private life is kept secret, and she hasn’t said anything about her boyfriend.